Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dastrup Christmas Party

Last night was the Dastrup Family Christmas Party.  We were having a great time enjoying each other's talents,

catching up with faraway family,

acting out the Nativity,

and eating good food,

when what to our wondering eyes should appear but the man from his sleigh... but where were the reindeer??

That is what Ty really wanted to know.  After getting his present from Santa ("Have you been good?" Ty: "Yes-- well... I've been trying!"), he ran out into the music room.  I followed to see what was going on and found him looking out the window.  He said, "I want to see the reindeer!"  When it was time for Santa to go, Ty followed and would have gone out with him if we hadn't intervened.  He ran back to the window and seemed appalled as he announced, "Santa's walking!"
Aside from the lack of reindeer sightings, the party was a big success!  Thanks to all for making a great party!


  1. Too funny. What was Santa thinking, leaving the reindeer in the north pole anyway??

  2. I love your post! Thank you for catching our time together and Ty's reindeer hunt. Mom D I don't know why this says I'm Angela.